Friday, October 21, 2011

Kenny Hill Performance Stage model Indian Rosewood top!

Here is a guitar just right for the performer looking for nylon stringed guitar with exceptional acoustic qualities and all the features necessary to plug in and play.

This is a 640mm double top, lattice braced, narrow necked [1 7/8"] radiused fingerboard thin bodied guitar, with a sound port, dTar pickup, strap buttons, and, did we say, great sound.

It's got marker dots at 5,7,9, strap buttons... and look at that Florentine cutaway.

Finally, let's talk about the double top: Indian rosewood/Nomex/Western red cedar. This guitar has a unique look and a unique sound - mellow, not subdued, but jazzy. It's got a lot of range in its acoustic palette, but it's right in the pocket for the jazz player.

You won't find guitars with Indian rosewood double tops. In fact, this is the only one so far. Unique. One of a kind.

More photos and specs here.

Want to buy it right now? It's currently on ebay.

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sthill130 said...

How does it sound? As good as a rosewood uke?