Friday, May 12, 2017

Hill Guitar Proudly Sponsors: John Schneider at Lou Harrison Centennial Celebration

Lou Harrison
Hill Guitar Company  is pleased to sponsor guitarist John Schneider as part of the Lou Harrison Centennial concert celebration put together by New Music Works this coming Sunday. Schneider will be playing part of his program using a Hill Performance Model with a special True Temperament fretboard. This is a unique fretting system developed in Sweden. The frets are not straight, they are individually wiggly according to some calculations that make the guitar more ideally in tune. I don’t pretend to understand what is actually going on with the math behind this, but I do know the guitar sounds really wonderful, kind of magical. We’ve done this twice now, with sweet results both times. This is the first time I’ll be hearing it in concert. We have more of these special instruments planned.

John Schneider is a long established musician based in Los Angeles with a strong specialty in modern music, and a lot of experience with varied tuning systems. This True Temperament system is our first venture into this kind of experiment. It’s interesting.I find the results very appealing.

Lou’s Day

3 pm Organ Concerto (matinee): Buy Tickets Here

Night Muse

7 pm Solstice (evening): Buy Tickets Here