Monday, October 10, 2011

New Signature Stage Prototype & Flamenco in the SHOWROOM

Here's a really fantastic guitar at an extraordinary price. But first let me tell you about it.

Brazilian rosewood back and sides, European spruce/Nomex/western red cedar top, lattice braced, thin body, Florentine cutaway, 640mm string length
standard width neck 51mm with classical fingerboard, sound port, strap buttons and a dTar dual source pick up.

This set up is what you want on stage with other players.

It sounds terrific acoustically, and it sounds the same plugged in. It also features lovely ebony Alessi tuners. More images here in the showroom.

It carries the 'prototype' label, but there is nothing about this guitar that is second class or second rate - it's just not a production model - and it's possible all future instruments of this nature will be Performance models and not Signatures. Comes with a custom case.

Every once in awhile, Kenny builds a couple of Signature Flamenco guitars. Well, here is one of two just completed.

It features a solid European spruce top, Spanish cypress back and sides, 650mm string length, standard Sloane stippled Ebony machines.

You can see more photos of this guitar in the showroom.

Both of these guitars are a great value, check them out online, or if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and try them!

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