Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Performing Arts Monterey Bay: Kenny Hill

Scott MacClellend has been a presence in the cultural world of Monterey and Santa Cruz as long as I can remember, first as the ubiquitous and smooth DJ radio announcer on KBOQ, a venerable classical music FM station, and always as an arts journalist writing reviews and feature articles about music and the arts in every local newspaper and magazine. Last year he started a website Performing Arts Monterey Bay, a comprehensive arts calendar for the region, and he has recently added a local artists series on the page. The website is clean, well done and informative. Scott and I spoke for some time on the phone recently and now he has published an article derived from that conversation. I'm flattered to be included and to have the opportunity to remember some of the events in my life that have led up to now. Please click on the link Performing Arts People on the toolbar at

Kenny Hill

June 2014