Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Accord cases now available

We now offer Accord cases as an option for your guitar. They are very light weight and do a great job protecting your guitar.

from the Accord website:

Accord cases have been a premium choice for musicians all over the world who want to make their life easier. The reason for that is that Accord cases are built of advanced composite materials which guarantee a truly unprecedented weight/strength ratio. Accord uses unique technology to achieve lightness, strength, instrument safety and reduction in size. Furthermore, Accord's production process is based on gradual case reinforcements with Kevlar, depending on Accord's customer's demands.

Hand made of finest quality fabrics and fittings. Accord cases are designed to be both beautiful and extremely protective. Within the artisan constructed carbon shell (twice the strength of any conventional material of the same weight), is a dual density foam suspension system to totally isolate the instrument from any impact.
Retail price $1500.00

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