Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New World Guitar Introduces the Ported Player!

For over a decade Player traditional classical guitars have made New World Guitars a reasonably-priced high-quality brand. During that same time, Hill Guitars have been built with a variety of modern features designed to maximize the instruments' potential.

We've found the addition of 2 holes in the guitar's shoulders increases the air flow in and out of the body providing the player with more accurate monitoring as well as greater quality and quantity of projection for the listener. Now, we've added this option for New World Player owners as an additional step up in quality. So, try a ported Player and discover how much more there can be to a guitar.


Corey K said...

Told you it would work.

Chuck and Magz Marfione said...

We are looking forward to receiving the first of the ported Player models with an elevated fingerboard.

Chuck Marfione
All Strings Nylon