Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Visit from Mark Goldenberg of Peghead Nation

A few days ago my friend Mark Goldenberg called up out of the blue and wanted to come by and play some guitars. Mark is an elite, well respected multi-style guitarist who lives in the LA area, and has been doing studio work for decades, as well as spending years on the road with Jackson Browne, Hugh Laurie and many other top shelf musicians. So Mark popped in and he and I spent a few hours both hanging around the shop and playing some guitars, and he went home with a new Performance model guitar. He knows what he likes and has no problem making decisions, and he plays beautifully and knows how to get to the heart of the guitar.

Mark is a teaching staff member of Peghead Nation, and Teja Gerken is one of the leaders of this innovative online music site. Teja and company put together this feature video just this week and I love it. The text is spot on and the video is articulate and sounds beautiful. I really appreciate the effort and insight that went into this feature. Please check out this link, Peghead Nation: Hill Performance Video Review Nice work!

Kenny Hill
May 2015

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