Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Play From Home Sale!

With this new kind of time on our hands maybe the way to make the best of it is to dive into our music and use it as a windfall to catch up on creative and therapeutic time with our instrument. I’m trying to finish up half-written compositions that are spread across my kitchen table, and take advantage of these creative moments that can be crowded out by busy regular life.

To encourage this, we at Hill Guitar are offering our inventory of both Hill Guitars and New World Guitars at discount prices of 20% off retail prices through the month of April.

At strategic times in life there’s nothing like an upgraded guitar to raise your commitment, up your game, give comfort and alleviate stress. Moreover, the right guitar can make you a better player from the minute you pick it up. Our inventory is limited, but we would love to see these guitars in the hands of devoted players and want to do something to help keep the creative blood flowing through our musicians world.

Please contact us if there is something you’ve been thinking about that we might have. We really want to offer some kind of brightness into these very murky times.

Please call or email if there is something that catches your imagination. The inventory in our on line showroom is by no means comprehensive so feel free to inquire if there is something else on your mind.

Stay safe & healthy!
Kenny Hill

Thursday, February 6, 2020

How to Humidify a Guitar: Online Article

Understanding how to properly humidify your instrument can be tricky. But we've found a great article from Dr. Guitar on all the questions you may have about the process. Click the link to access the article!