Friday, May 8, 2015

Kenny Hill in Classical Guitar Magazine

This year Classical Guitar Magazine has come to the USA in a whole new style. This venerable magazine has been published in England every month since 1982! Then, just this year, my good friend David Lusterman acquired it from the founder, Maurice Summerfield. Lusterman has been publishing Strings, Acoustic Guitar, and Ukulele magazines here in the San Francisco Bay area for eons, and there is no one anywhere more capable or more amiable to take over the publication of CG. 

Classical Guitar will be published quarterly. The first issue recently came out, Spring 2015. I'm impressed. It has a whole new look and editorial style, and I find it engaging and surprisingly broad in its range and depth of relevant content. It has a real sense of both old and new, European and American resources and interesting things from around the world. I am honored to have a feature article in this first issue, and I hope to have a long and interesting relationship with the people at Classical Guitar.

I encourage you to look at the magazine and to subscribe to it. This is a great addition to the guitar community, and a wonderful way to stay abreast of artists, trends, old friends and new. I'm really excited to have this new resource coming so elegantly out of our community here near my home. I congratulate David Lusterman and his staff for making this bold and confident move, and showing up with real class from the beginning.

Kenny Hill

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Good article!! )))

Revend Worn said...

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E. Eaton Barry said...

Felicidades, Kenny! Glad that he is doing some great work with Cordoba Guitars. I don't own a Hill guitar, unfortunately, but Kenny did repair my classical guitar and installed an LL Baggs pickup many years ago in his Capitola shop.

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