Monday, June 22, 2015

In Memory of Bob Hill

On Tuesday June 16 my dad Bob Hill passed away. It was in many ways a sweet and peaceful blessing, for him and for us. He was 92 years old, and up until 6 months ago he was still doing all of the same things he has loved since he was 11 years old; his music, his church, his cars and his family. During the past 15 years dad has been living in Fresno with his wife Shirley, and over the last few months it became more clear that he wanted to at least once get back to our family home in San Jose, where my sister still lives and so many of his accomplishments and memories reside. Last Saturday we were able to make that happen, and he settled into his old place with no pain, with many visits from family and friends, aware of what was around him, and he silently slipped away at 5:00 AM on Tuesday. No hospital, no pain, surrounded by family and friends. He was buried in Los Gatos along side my mother on Friday.

Shirley Hill, his wife of the last 15 years, is the one who is most deeply affected in this difficult transition for her. She has been his companion and his love, and for the last year more and more his caretaker. She was with him to the very end, and is now back at her home in Fresno with their dogs and her family and friends. She is really broken up and will need everyone's love to find joy in her life again. All of my thoughts and support and love go out to her in this difficult time.

My dad was an amazing multi-talented man — smart, funny, creative, loyal — with a good long life, and personally I feel I received my greatest strengths from him. I hope that his blood and his brains are the finest heritage I can pass on to my own children. These days have been so busy with arrangements that I haven't had the clarity of mind to really absorb this, it's surreal. I suppose this will be a process that will go on for the rest of my days.

There will be a memorial service at First Baptist Church in San Jose on July 11th, and also a memorial service at his church in Fresno as soon as we can arrange the date. I'll announce that when I know.

Bob Hill. 2014.

Thank you all for your support.

Kenny Hill
Fathers day, June 21, 2015.