Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Omni Guitar Series: Beijing Guitar Duo

The second concert in this years Omni Dynamite Guitar series featured the Beijing Guitar Duo. Meng Su and Yameng Wang are the duo players. This was the first time I've seen them in concert, and I was fully captivated by the grace and fluency of their playing from the first notes to the last. Their unity of playing and complete concentration blends together as if they are one player, seamless and united. This must come from their very similar background both in China studies and in their US studies, but more importantly from their own elegance and talents. The ballet of their technique and the waves of their dynamics serves the music and the audience perfectly.

I am always most curious of music that is new to me. Meng Su has made a very nice transcription of the Debussy piano 4 hands Petite Suite, which is a welcome opportunity to listen to this great impressionist composer's music in a guitar concert. Also, Sergio Assad's Jobiniana No. 1 and a composition written for them by Elizabeth Nonemaker, Old Habits, Similar Patterns. These are very contrasting recent works, and a delight to discover. I loaned them two guitars for playing the Nonemaker, and was pleased to place them in their hands for this concert. I enjoyed hearing them, they sounded good.

Both played solo sets as well, Yameng played Barrios, Meng played Tarrega, each of them very good soloist, nice music, all good.

The Beijing Duo is living in Baltimore at this time, and some concert appearances are listed on their website, beijingguitarduo.com. Go see them when you get the chance. Very beautiful, very satisfying.

With Meng Su and Yameng Wang.

Kenny Hill

November 2014

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