Monday, November 3, 2014

From Venezuela to the U.S.!

Carlos Aurrecoechea is a fine guitarist from Venezuela. Last year, after a few months of correspondence he ordered a high end Signature guitar, a sight unseen. Because of very difficult political and economic policy issues in Venezuela it was very complicated for him to get "permission" to buy this guitar from the US, and an even greater challenge to manage the financial challenge from there. I was quite touched that he had the confidence to go through with this complicated and potentially risky transaction, I still don't understand all the barriers that he had to overcome. We made the guitar carefully and the best possible, and when it was done we held onto it until he was able to arrange travel to California to pick it up, he didn't want to rely on shipping, and I don't blame him.

It's an interesting phenomenon that a guitar like this actually seems to improve and mature even when it is just waiting, not even being played. Something happens, it matures, settles in, cures — I can't really explain it, but I have seen it many times. So when Carlos arrived this week to pick it up, the guitar really sounded amazing. Exceptional. It was good from the beginning, but after chilling for months it sounded even better. His playing is beautiful, I'm delighted that he will be playing it a lot in Venezuela. There seems to be a very strong and passionate guitar scene in Venezuela, and he is in the heart of it. It was really great to finally meet him and I'm grateful for the trust he had in the process.

Kenny Hill
November 2014

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Carlos A said...

I can’t be more pleased and grateful with the guitar. It sounds astonishing and better every day. We can talk for days about the difficulties in my country, but to buy it without hearing it was a great risk and very scary indeed. And I wasn’t wrong; because after a long time of seeking, researching, comparing, and so on (it really was a long time), the guitar and the entire Hill Guitar Company where way more than expected. Kenny Hill was a wonderful host, his knowledge is priceless, and the mountains of Bend Lomond and his redwoods are carved in my memory. Thank you very much.