Thursday, September 4, 2014

Meet our new friends over at Siccas Guitars in Germany!

The location of Karlsruhe, Germany.
On my recent trip to the Iserlohn Guitar Symposium to show guitars, I had the good fortune to be set up right next to the exhibit of Siccas, a classical guitar dealing business from Karlsruhe, Germany. From the first few minutes of meeting them I had a very good feeling about the guys and about the company, and as we hung out for 4 more days it turned out really nice. The two men representing the company are Mirco Sicca and Manuel Luchena. I liked them both from first meeting, and as I got to know them I recognized good business skills, love for the guitars and the work, and great attitude. They seemed to have as good a time as I did at the festival, and I think it was eye opening for them as to the high level of accomplishment and passion of classical guitar players there.
Kenny Hill with Mirco Sicca & Manuel Luchena.

Most of the other exhibitors at the festival were individual guitar makers showing their own work. Siccas is different, they are a business selling concert level nylon string guitars from contemporary guitar makers, and also dealing in  historic and collectible guitars. In their display and inventory they have a number of contemporary European guitar makers, and they also had a 1912 Herman Hauser, a 1929 Esteso, an 1840 Lacote, and a Daniel Friedrich, maybe some other secret stash, all available for people to try out. This is of course a big draw. And all the instruments — new and old — are for sale.

Their website includes a section featuring demo videos by a lot of concert players, including my good friends Johannes Moller and Eva Beneke, so I felt as though I already knew them. They've been in business for over five
Laura Fraticelli and Johannes Moller playing at Siccas. Watch here.
years and seem to have found a good niche and are doing quite well. Siccas is now carrying my guitars, they have two Signature and one Performance model in stock. This is good for me, I have many fine artists playing my guitars in Europe, and in Germany in particular, and I've never had a reliable outlet. Now interested players can visit or contact Siccas and see what happens. I feel good about having my guitars available in Germany and the rest of Europe. Although there is a long history and deep tradition of classical guitar there and many fine builders, my guitars are different, and I would like to think fresh, nice, and a new and somewhat different option to traditional choices. I hope there is room for that.

Please check out their website and especially if you are in Europe visit them or contact them. If your experience is anything like mine, you'll be glad you did. Although I didn't have time to visit their shop this trip, I hope to do so next time i'm in Europe, probably March or April 2015. See you there?

Kenny Hill
September 2014

Take a look around at Siccas Guitars!

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