Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And the winner is....

Perry Weissburg and his new Hill Guitar

Robert "Perry" Weissburg


Congratulations to the Omni Foundation raffle winner of the Hill Guitar Company Performance Series Classical Guitar Perry Weissburg.

Perry Weissburg & Richard Patterson  
Perry is from Belmont, CA and is studying the classical guitar. He was absolutely thrilled to win.
What a great match!
Robert "Perry" Weissburg & Richard Patterson
Director of the Omni Foundation.


Unknown said...

Well, needless to say, I was totally surprised, amazed and just generally blow away, when Richard of the OMNI Foundation called me to find out when I wanted to pick up my guitar. I've been playing for only 1.5 years, with weekly lessons and practice every day, but was already seeing the limitations of my guitar and starting to think about what I should get next. I got my series tickets from OMNI for the 2012 season and at the first concert of the season, (Odair Assad) I talked with my teacher, Eric Sandoval, who was working the raffle sales that night. I wanted to support OMNI and 'what the heck', I might win! I bought one then and later signed up for the once-a-month auto-purchase of a ticket for the raffle. On the final concert night, with Pepe, we had to leave right after the concert, because it was 9:30PM Sunday and we had my 10-year old son with us (he's also taking lessons), so I didn't find out until the next morning at work. I couldn't be any more happy with the guitar to tone and sustain are amazing and it is easier to play and of course just a pleasure to look at. My wife notice to improved sound the first piece I played on it, and she was 3 rooms away! I still can't believe I have this amazing instrument!

Perry Weissburg said...

Well, needless to say, I can’t believe I won this fantastic guitar. It all started last October at the first show in the OMNI Foundation guitar series, the wonderful Odair Assad. At intermission I was talking with my guitar teacher, Eric Sandoval, who was doing duty at the raffle ticket table. He played a bit on it for me. I decided it would be good to support OMNI and heck, maybe win that beautiful awesome sounding thing. So I bought a ticket that night. I later signed up with the auto-donation program, with an additional ticket sent to me once a month.
I had only been studying classical guitar for a year, at the time, but was already beginning to see the limitations of my guitar. I had started thinking about what to get next. I’d heard good things about Kenny’s guitars and had played on some of the lower-end ones at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, when I was shopping for the one I got, which was on sale. Well that “Performance” model would certainly fit the bill! But, ‘Hey, what’er the odds?’
I’d been attending the series with my wife and 10-year old son and on the final night of the series, after Pepe was done, we had to get our son home to bed, as it was a school night and already 9:30PM. So, it wasn’t until the following morning at work that I got a call from Richard of the OMNI Foundation asking my when I’d like to pick up my guitar! I was blown away and couldn’t quite believe my ears. But, the next day, Richard and his wife met me at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, where Richard teaches on Tuesdays and near my home, to exchange the guitar for some photographs, taken by his wife, which you see above. Pleased, doesn’t even begin to cover it!
The guitar is beyond my expectations; easier to play that my other guitar and the tone is wonderful! Not to mention, just beautiful. My wife came in from 3 rooms away, when I was doing my first practice on it that Tuesday night, saying, “It sounds so wonderful!”. It is very inspirational. I can’t believe it’s mine! Thanks Kenny!

New World Guitar Company said...

Thank you very much for your comments Perry. I'm so delighted the guitar found an excellent home. Too bad you weren't there to win in person. Your comments are great, perfect, and I'll be proud to do it again next season.

Kenny Hill