Friday, January 14, 2011

Visitors @ NAMM SHOW - Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Sunday afternoon - Eve Beneke, artist Signature player - Mike Kozubek, Azusa Pacific Director of Guitar Studies - Kendall Marsh, composer, producer - Dr. Tom Hirose.

Kenny, Shotaro Kido [Rokkomann Asturias Guitars] & Tim Miklaucic [GSI Tornavoz]

Kenny, Dave Hepple [Oasis strings & things] & Spruce Signature.

Fred Waleki, Westwood Music, visits w. Kenny.

Almer Imamovic plays for a crowd. His website.

Michael Millham and Almer.

Michael & Keleren Millham duet after hours for a lucky audience.

Their website

Almer Imamovic tries the Stage guitar designed for him.

Teja Gerken offers some advice while trying a Stage model.

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