Friday, June 4, 2010

How to Distinguish Something Special

2010 Hill PERFORMANCE model #3029
Lattice-Braced Double-top
$5500 with hardshell case

The PERFORMANCE models are a very comfortable modern guitars with a lot of power, flexibility and range for the serious player and professional at an accessible price.

As you may know, every handmade guitar is different. After our guitars are strung the first time, like a maternity ward, we meet our new charges, sense those differences and speculate on their future.

Depending on how long the new guitars hang around the showroom, we can appreciate how their sound changes as they start t0 mature. Sometimes an instrument may sound a bit muted on one string at first, and within a day or two, it locks into expectations. Sometimes a guitar is exceptional right out of the chute.

#3029 is one of those SPECIAL ones.

We have been informal about this kind of situation in the past, to the point of not bothering to mention it to anyone, even the buyer. After all, not everyone's tastes are the same, and we've established a level of expected excellence in our instruments we needn't tinker with.

On the other hand, for those who might be interested, this brand-new lively guitar is really special already. It's unlikely we'll create any formal method of acknowledging this phenomenon in the future other a blog item, but we think you'll agree if you get a chance to play or buy it.

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Anonymous said...

As a builer of Classicals, this phenomenon does happen with every new guitar. On stringing up and drawing out music, there is a sound-can be somewhat dis-jointed and lacking cohesion. But, an hour later when you pick it up again, somehow the sound will be 'better', more focused, fuller, more balanced bass to treble.
Over the next several days and weeks, every time the instrument is played, it sounds better. It happens every time and noone seems to know why or how, just that it does.