Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Signature 640mm Now Available

New 640 Signature's available - as you know, we don't make very many of these, and whenever we do, they go quickly - so, if you're interested give us a call.
[added 12/21] This guitar has been sold.

This one is particularly nice; very responsive, loud, and almost effortless to play.

This one's got standard fan bracing, elevated fingerboard, sound ports and the composite double top: Western red cedar outside, Nomex and European spruce inside.

Prices on Signatures are increasing to $7,000 in 2010, so this will be one of the last at 2009 pricing...

and we may have an additional Thanksgiving discount available if you acquire this one before December 4th.

More photos of this guitar in the SHOWROOM at the Hill website.

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