Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sylvan Music Now A Local Santa Cruz Dealer

We at Hill Guitar are delighted to add Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz to our esteemed dealer group. I've known owner Al Markasky for decades, as long as Sylvan has been around. I've watched the store grow from a tiny repair and sheet music operation to one for the strongest retailers and service centers in acoustic guitars anywhere. They've got an remarkable selection of steel string instruments, old and new, and they have a respectable collection of classical guitars. With the addition of Hill Signature instruments and New World Guitar Player series and Estudio series, their selection got better!

The first Hill Signature guitar that went there lasted less than a week. This has been a trend all over, keeping the Signature Models in demand, and in short supply. Production of these guitars is very limited. We delivered a cedar/Indian rosewood Signature Model (double top) to Sylvan Music just yesterday, and if your interested in such a thing you should go try it, because it probably won't be there for long. There are very few of these instruments available for sale at this time, and demand is strong.

Although we are in the same region, Sylvan Music and Hill Guitar have never tried to work together, but I think this is a good collaboration. They are close to the University, close to downtown, and on a main route in and out of Santa Cruz, and they have so many instruments and accessories to look at they are a real destination. Playing Hill guitars in the context of many other instruments gives you the chance to compare, and hopefully get a sense of what is so good about our guitars. Sylvan has a nice sound room dedicated to just classical guitars, so the acoustics and privacy are ideal for trying out guitars.

So I'm very happy to finally hook up with our home-boys at Sylvan Music. You should visit them soon!

Kenny Hill
December 18, 2008

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