Thursday, August 2, 2007

European Spruce Replaces Englemann Spruce Signature Soundboards

Until recently 99% of Hill Guitars have featured Englemann spruce soundboards. The first exception was Hauser '37 Brazilian models. Because it was the appropriate wood for the original design, it was made standard for the Hauser '37 Indian models.

When European spruce was first used on a double-top Signature, Kenny found the sound to be just that much better. Now they, too feature European spruce as one of the three top components: Western red cedar, Nomex and European spruce which make up the double-top.

European spruce is also featured now in all Torres models as well.

German spruce, now more of a generic nomenclature, has long been a prized material for soundboards. Our term, European spruce, can include Carpathian, Italian/alpine and Ukranian sources.

While we've charged an extra upcharge for these imported woods in the past, we're offering them for a limited time without an increase in price on any of our guitars!

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